How to customise your Customer Effort Score (CES) survey

Every Customer Effort Score survey (CES) has default design that looks like this


However Nicereply allows you to edit this design according to your branding and needs. To edit your CES survey go to your Nicereply account > click CES > Surveys > Appearance. Here you can find multiple options how to edit and refine your survey.

Rating form settings

The first screen you'll see when going to Appearance section is rating form settings. Here you can edit:

  • survey name
  • survey url
  • enable instant ratings
  • or upload company logo

What you can also edit here is the questions (choose between default and custom), and edit error message. 


All you need to do is move the mouse over to the section you want to upgrade and click edit. After you're done editing don't forget to click Done.


Thank you page

The next thing you can edit is the thank you page. You can edit:

  • the thank you texts
  • allow sharing option
  • what ratings people are allowed share
  • what social networks they can share the ratings at
  • CTA texts


Visual theme

The last thing you can edit is the visual theme of your survey. This allows you to edit the colors according to your branding. You can choose from the predefined visual themes, or you can create your own. To do this click switch to custom colors. 


You can either choose from the color palett, or insert HTML color codes. When you are done editing your CES survey don't forget to click SAVE & PUBLISH!


If you want to create custom domain for your survey go to your Nicereply account > click CES > Surveys > Settings of the chosen survey. Here you can create custom domain of the survey.

Good Job!

You've successfuly edited your CES survey appearance and created a survey that will match your branding and attract your customers. 


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