Getting started with Freshservice integration


Empower your Freshservice with Nicereply. In this article you can find out everything important about Nicereply integration.

  • By the end of step 3: You’ll understand the benefits of the integration
  • By the end of step 4 or 5: You’ll be up and ready to start collecting customer feedback  
  1. Collect customer feedback
  2. Survey distribution options
  3. Benefits of the Integration
  4. Email template activation
  5. Trigger activation

NOTE: every step is the article is the same for CSAT, NPS and CES

Collect customer feedback

Use Nicereply to track CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score).

1. CSAT  – How was your experience with our support?

2. CES – Did the company make it easy for me to handle my issue?

3. NPS – How likely is it that you would recommend Company Inc. to a friend or colleague?

Survey distribution options

Choose how you want to distribute CSAT/CES/NPS to your customers. Each distribution method has specific features and benefits. You can add more distributions at any time.

Email template

Insert CSAT/CES/NPS into the emails you send. Place HTML code to your signature or any custom email template.


Benefit from the power of automated email sending. Follow up with customers via CSAT/CES/NPS survey after you close a ticket.

Benefits of the integration

See the list of 7 major benefits of the integration between Freshservice and Nicereply.

1. Push ratings & comment right to the ticket as a note

All ratings will be pushed to the relevant ticket in a form of note.

2. Save CSAT/CES/NPS rating in the custom ticket field

Beside the note, you can set up the Nicereply custom field and save CSAT/CES/NPS rating value.

Note: you can enable/disable push of CSAT rating value into ticket custom field in the survey settings.

3. Ticket backlink

Identify feedback in context with the direct link to the rated ticket.

4. Sync customers’ name to CSAT/CES/NPS ratings

Customers often don’t share their name in a rating form. Nicereply will automatically add customer names in the rating feed based on the ticket ID, so you don't need to use the name field on the survey.

5. Setup triggers based on CSAT/CES/NPS value

As we have our CSAT/CES/NPS value stored in the custom field, we can do some automation. E.g. we can set an alert tag to ticket with low/bad rating. You can do this by going into your Freshservice account > Admin > Scenario Automations and creating new rule. 

6. User import

Sync all your Freshservice users with Nicereply with one click. New users will get an automated email with login instructions.

7. Customize your CSAT/CES/NPS surveys according to your branding and needs

Ask your customers the right question at the right time with branded one-click surveys. Customize your surveys and add additional questions.

Email template activation

Click here for the email template setup guide.

Trigger activation

Click here for the trigger setup guide.

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