CSAT, CES & NPS Metric Overview

This article will give you an overview of CSAT/CES/NPS Metric Overview. 

Metric overview dashboard offers you:

  • metric widget
  • trends and charts
  • rating values
  • extra questions
  • trigger stats & campaign stats

Freshly updated Metric widget is adjusted for each metric and allows you to get a better overview of your ratings with the possibility of using different time filters.

With Metric Overview for CSAT, CES and NPS, you can analyse data from trends and charts like Average Metric Score with the ability to set up different time filter, Response Volume Trend and a renewed Histogram.

Response Volume Trend divides ratings into 3 categories, where you can seamlessly add time filter: Bad Ratings, Neutral Ratings, Good Ratings.

You can identify which ratings are good, neutral and bad. You can set your own “standards” for these categories with CSAT and CES. The exception is of course the Net Promoter Score, where the methodology divides customers into 3 firmly defined categories of Detractors (0 – 6), Passives (6 – 8) and Promoters (8 – 10).
Looking at individual ratings is useful, but understanding the connections between them is where the real insights come. Due to these updates, you can identify strengths, pinpoint weaknesses, and stay on top of your performance.

You can also add extra questions to your feed. Extra questions come with their own overview charts within the Metrics Overview (you can see these stats after filtering the results by a specific survey that has the extra questions).

Our new Analytics feature – Trigger Stats & Campaign stats allows you to analyse open and response rates of your active triggers and campaigns.
You can see your open rate & response rate stats for different time periods as well as compare different surveys. For example if you are using multiple triggers or campaigns for different customer groups or company departments.

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