Nicereply NPS Campaign Set Up

This article will show you how to start measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) via campaigns in Nicereply.

  1. In your Nicereply account click on the "NEW SURVEY" button in the top left corner
  2. Now, click "START WITH NPS"
  3. Choose Campaigns distribution
  4. Now, you can choose from your existing contact lists, or create a new list of contacts you want to send the NPS survey to

  5. When you're finished click Continue
  6. Now, you can manage Campaign settings, Campaign appearance, Manage the contact list, send a test email, or send the Campaign immediately. 

Campaign settings

In Campaign Settings you can:

  • Name of the Campaign, Subject, or Sender Name
  • Set Automated Reminder which will automatically send the Campaign to contacts that did not provide feedback (answer the survey) the first time after X days
  • Schedule your Campaign for later with Campaign Scheduler
  • Set Campaign Autopilot which will automatically send the campaign to the contact list after the chosen period of time

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