Introduction to Rating Feed

We are happy to introduce you to a brand new Rating feed beta version. Thanks to the new update you will see all of your ratings & customer feedback in one place. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest updates. 

  1. A comprehensive view of all your feedback in one place.
  2. Search for information that you need through updated filters.
  3. Use different tags for meaningful insights.
  4. Set up the time period you want to check. 
  5. Print out the reports.
  6. See Rating Feed Detail.

Update 1: Comprehensive view of all your feedback in one place.

The new section “feedback” appears in the left corner of the screen. Here you can see all of your customer feedback. You don’t have to switch between metrics (CSAT, CES, NPS) as before to see the latest ratings from your customers. 

Another update you’ll notice is the new design of CSAT, CES & NPS rating scales in the new rating feed. 

  • Customer satisfaction feedback is displayed by smiley faces, stars, or thumbs. Satisfaction score values are no longer represented as a number out of 10. Instead, each rating scale has its own numerical representation – smiley faces rating value will be calculated out of 3, for thumbs, it’s out of 2, and for stars, it’s 10. 
  • Customer effort feedback is displayed by a square numerical value. 
  • NPS loyalty feedback is represented with round numerical values.

Update 2: Search for information through updated filters.

Do you need to see the ratings of a particular user? Or do you want to look at bad ratings only? No problem. With the updated filters at the top of the screen, you can find the data relevant to you. 

The filters in the new Beta version of the Rating feed are:

  • The first filter allows you to filter your results by different surveys.
  • The second filter allows you to filter between users or between your teams. 
  • The third filter allows you to filter positive, neutral, or negative responses.
  • The fourth filter allows you to display feedback with or without comments. 
  • The last fifth filter enables you to filter tags under responses. 

Update 3: Use different tags for meaningful insights.

One of the most useful options you could expect. Adding rating tags allows you to list through all responses so quickly and effectively.

Adding a tag:

  • Place a cursor under response or comment and start to type a tag. 

Update 4: Set up the time period you want to check.

In case you want to see a certain time period use the “calendar” in the upper right corner. 

Update 5: Print out the reports.

For printing out the report press the button “export”. 

Update 6: New Rating Detail.

Another new feature is the advanced rating detail which allows you to see the specifics of each customer rating.

If you want to see the detail of your rating, place a cursor over the agent’s name (right corner). Then you will see a grey bar with more options. Click on the first icon - magnifier. 

The rating detail view includes a summary of the rated agent, customer’s name, company & email, and the date & location of the feedback. There’s also info about the survey from which the rating came.

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