What is Legacy Score?

Until now, Nicereply Customer Satisfaction Score values were represented as a number out of 10. 

No matter whether you used a smiley faces survey, thumbs up & down, or 10-stars survey, your score was always calculated out of 10. Nicereply is undergoing a transition and this way of calculating your CSAT scores is from now on called Legacy score. In the transition period, you'll be able to see your Legacy Score as well as the new score. 

How is the new score calculated?

From now on each rating scale will have its own numerical representation – smiley faces rating value will be calculated out of 3, for thumbs, it’s out of 2, and for stars, it’s 10. This means that the CSAT score value will be directly connected to the number of rating options in your survey. 

If you use the 3 Smileys CSAT Scale your customers can express their sentiment with positive, negative, and neutral smiley faces. Therefore the score is calculated out of 3. 

If you use the 2 Thumbs CSAT Scale you give your customers 2 options. Satisfied, or not. In this case, the score is calculated out of 2. 
If you use the 10 Stars CSAT Scale you get the most detailed answer out of your customers. You give them the opportunity to express a wide variety of emotions. They have 10 rating options, & the score will be calculated as a value out of 10. 

What is the difference between the Legacy score and the New score?

Where can I see my Legacy score?

The Legacy score will be displayed in your rating email notifications, New Rating Feed CSV exports, and Analytics. We will preserve your Legacy scores and make sure your data is compatible with all your older CSAT Surveys.  

The reason for this change is that we're working on exciting new features such as brand new rating scales, and satisfaction scores. The satisfaction scores will be represented as a number out of 100%. Thanks to that you'll be able to compare results across all your CSAT rating scales. 

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