Troubleshooting problems with triggers (post-resolution surveys)

In this article, we summarize the most common issues with trigger surveys. Below, you will find an overview of the conditions for all integrations and also a list of the most frequently asked questions.

See all conditions for triggers (post-resolution surveys) by specific integrations: 

⚠️ Remember,  every ticket must be assigned to a specific agent and the requestor has to have a valid email address.

Keep in mind that when you set up the over survey protection, we won't send another survey to the same client within the specified amount of time (e.g. 30 days). This might affect your survey response rates etc.

In practice, you set up a 30-day survey throttling period. When the same client opens multiple tickets/conversations, and your team solves them in 2 days, the client receives only one survey for the first resolved ticket due to the NO SURVEY condition. (Note: Trigger survey isn’t sent immediately but there might be up to a 60-minute delay.)

Nicereply’s terminology: ticket, customer, agent, mailbox.

☑️ Zendesk | terminology: Ticket, End-User, User, Group

  1. Ticket must be SOLVED (side note: when ticket is CLOSED, no data will be pushed back to ZD ticket)
  2. The ticket must have at least two public comments and at least one must be an agent’s reply. 
  3. When you filter tickets by tag or group, make sure that a ticket contains a particular tag (case-sensitive!) or is solved by the particular group. 

☑️ Front | terminology: Conversation, Contact, Teammate, Inbox (personal or team)

  1. Conversation must be ARCHIVED
  2. When you filter conversations by tag or inbox, make sure that a conversation contains a particular tag (case-sensitive!) or is solved in the particular inbox. 

☑️ Kustomer | terminology: Conversation, Customer, User, Team

  1. Conversation is marked DONE and is not deleted.
  2. The conversation consist at least of 1 inbound message and 1 outbound message
  3. When you filter conversations by tag or team, make sure that a conversation contains a particular tag (case-sensitive!) or is solved by the particular team. 

☑️ HelpScout | terminology: Conversation, Primary customer, User, Mailbox

  1. Conversation is CLOSED 
  2. The conversation consist of at least 2 messages

☑️ Pipedrive | terminology: Deal, Person, User, Pipeline

  1. The deal is WON or LOST
  2. When you filter deals by LABEL (filter by tag= deal label in Pipedrive) or pipeline, make sure that a deal contains a particular label (case-sensitive!) or is closed in the particular pipeline. 

You may also ask: 

What types of tags should I use in our helpdesk system?

In Nicereply, the tag must be identical to the tag in a helpdesk system. We support the following characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 _ –

How can I make sure my integration is working?

Check the integration connection in SURVEYS - Integrations. 

How should I report my trigger issue?

If you need to report your trigger issue, please include the ticket IDs for which you were supposed to send a survey.