CSAT/CES/NPS email template distribution in Desk.com

At this point you should be already decided about the customer satisfaction metric you are planning to use and the distribution channel, which is “email template” in this case. Every step is the article is the same for CSAT, NPS and CES. Manual will show you steps with CSAT example.


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NOTE: every step is the article is the same for CSAT, NPS and CES

Connecting Desk.com with Nicereply

1. Choose the customer satisfaction metric in the “left menu” in your Nicereply account, CSAT, NPS or CES. Click on “START CSAT”

2. From distribution options choose “EMAIL TEMPLATE”

3. You’re on the app directory page now, click on Desk.com icon

4. In the next step add your Desk URL, (e.g. acme.desk.com), your key, secret, and access tokens. You can watch the video: How to generate key & secret in Desk.com.

After you generate new api application you can find your keys as on the picture below.

5. Insert your URL, key, secret, token and token secret into Nicereply. Then click “CONNECT AND CONTINUE” to activate your agents in the next step

6.  Add your user from Desk.com to Nicereply. New users will get an automated email with login instructions from us. Then click “CONTINUE”

Adding CSAT/CES/NPS to Desk.com

7. You're on the good way! To collect customer feedback, you need to place CSAT (smiley faces) into your Desk.com email templates. Now copy the smiley faces code.

8. Go to Desk.com > Admin – Channels > Email > Reply Themes and Add Theme:

9. Now you're in Edit Reply Theme dialog. Scroll down to HTML Body and remove following HTML code:

and paste  new Nicereply Smiley faces HTML code, this is how your HTML body should look like:

10. Good job! Now we need to do the same for pure Text emails too, so copy your Nicereply URL Link code:

Switch back to Desk and in Edit Reply Theme dialog, scroll down to Text Body and remove following code:

and paste  new Nicereply URL Link code, this is how your Text Body should look like. Then click Update:  

11. We are almost done –   now you just need to activate the theme by switching the Default button to new Nicereply theme:

Good Job!

Your email templates will now contain CSAT code (smiley faces) and all collected ratings will be stored in Nicereply under CSAT tab.

And are pushed into your Desk.com ticket.

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