Introduction to Groove integration

Empower your Groove with Nicereply. In this article you can find out everything important about Nicereply integration including:

  1. How the integration works
  2. Features of the integration
  3. Trigger set up manuals

How the integration works

The first thing you need to decide is what satisfaction metric you'd like to measure. Nicereply offers three metrics: 

After you decide which metric you want to use you connect your Groove account with Nicereply. You set up a Groove trigger and Nicereply will start scanning the status of your tickets on a regular basis. Trigger is an action that is caused by an event in Groove - in this case it is the resolution of a ticket. After a ticket is resolved a survey is triggered by this event. 

Nicereply will send an e-mail survey to every customer your company solved a ticket with after it is resolved. You can edit the trigger behaviour - for example edit the number of hours since the resolution of the ticket after which the survey is sent. 

Features of the integration

See the list of 5 major features of the integration between Groove and Nicereply.

1. Push ratings & comment right to the ticket as a note

All ratings will be pushed to the relevant ticket in a form of note.

Note: you can enable/disable pushing of CSAT, CES or NPS ratings & comments as Note and Custom field into ticket in the survey Settings.

2. Ticket backlink

Identify feedback in context with the direct link to the rated ticket.

3. Sync customers’ name to CSAT/CES/NPS ratings

Customers often don’t share their name in a rating form. Nicereply will automatically add customer names in the rating feed based on the ticket ID, so you don't need to use the name field on the survey.

4. User import

Sync all your Groove users with Nicereply with one click. New users will get an automated email with login instructions.

5. Customize your CSAT/CES/NPS surveys according to your branding and needs

Ask your customers the right question at the right time with branded one-click surveys. Customize your surveys and add additional questions.

Trigger set up manuals

After you decide which satisfaction metric you want to measure, follow the respective manual to start gathering actionable feedback:

CSAT: Click here for the Customer Satisfaction Score trigger setup guide

CES: Click here for the Customer Effort Score trigger setup guide

NPS: Click here for the Net Promoter Score trigger setup guide 

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