Nicereply NPS Autopilot setup

  Now you can enjoy new Net Promoter Score feature - NPS Autopilot. It allows you to get more NPS ratings with less effort. You can simply resend your NPS campaign after selected period of time and compare results between each sending iteration. After you turn the Autopilot on, new separate NPS campaign (iteration) will be created every time the original one is resent. 

To setup the Autopilot follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your Nicereply account > NPS > Surveys
  2. Choose the survey for which you want to turn Autopilot on and click Campaign settings
  3. Turn the Autopilot onScreen_Shot_2018-06-13_at_10.54.01.png
  4. Choose a time period after which you want to resend the campaign, then click Save changesScreen_Shot_2018-06-13_at_10.55.41.png

Good job!

Nicereply will utilise your existing NPS campaign and the workflow as follows:

  • After Autopilot activation Nicereply will schedule and send new NPS campaign after the selected time period
  • This campaign will be created separately in the surveys section and will have the same settings as the original one
  • The original NPS campaign will be finished and then closed
  • The Autopilot and it's settings will be automatically active in the new NPS campaign
  • This process will be repeated until you turn the Autopilot off

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