Team Management

Managing Teams in Staff Tab

Find and manage your "teams" under the “Staff" tab. Each agent can be assigned to one or more teams. First create some teams. Type the name of your team and click on add button. 

To add your agent to a team, just hover over the icon reading “teams” next to his name and mark the team you want to have your agent in.

Managing Teams in Teams Tab

You can also manage your teams in the new "Teams" tab. Here you can see all your teams, the date when each one was created, and the number of members in each team. There are also fours action buttons that allow you to:

  • Rename your team
  • See the members of your team and add new members
  • Delete a team
  • Add a team

  • If you choose to Rename your team you simply click on the Rename button and choose new name for your team.
  • If you want to Add new team you also choose new team name and add your new team.
  • If you want to Delete a team click delete, and then confirm deleting a team. Deleting team won’t erase any received rating or agents from your account.
  • To see members of a team click on the number of members belonging to specific team, or click on the Members button. Here you can see all the members of a team, remove member from a team, and add new members to a team. 

Filter your ratings by team and see the performance of one specific team compared to others. You can also filter your team results in "Dashboard".

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