How to use Instant Ratings

We hope you agree that more customer feedback is better, but how could we increase the number of collected ratings?” It is clear that users don’t like surveys and web forms in general. Therefore, we were curious as to what would happen if we recorded the rating right after customers clicked on the rating link.

The result exceeded all our expectations –  in a short testing period we collected 236% more ratings

How does it work?

Nicereply offers several forms of rating links. Some kinds of rating links contain an explicit statement of customer satisfaction (e.g. three smiley faces). If you look closer, you will find that URLs behind smileys contain the special parameter “s”, with a value on a scale from 1 to 10. This “s-parameter” enables the magic of the instant rating feature.

Immediately after the customer clicks on the rating link with the “s-parameter”, Nicereply will save the customer's opinion and display your rating survey form. The customer is not aware of this feature, but if she/he doesn’t have time to fill in the form, you will not lose her/his opinion about your service. If the customer fills in and submits the form, we will merge all data with the already captured instant rating into a standard rating. 

Our customers are often wondering what happens if the customer clicks on the same survey twice. The way it works is:

  • if the customer clicks on the same exact survey within 15 minutes, the original rating will be replaced by the new one
  • but if the customer clicks on the same survey after 15 minutes, you will receive not one but two ratings for the same survey

Using Instant Ratings

If you would like to use the power of instant ratings you will need to use some type of rating link with an “s-parameter”. You can copy our predefined survey templates, or use our triggers. Every Nicereply survey has pre-defined s-parameters and disabled instant ratings by default. You can see/edit it by going into your Nicereply account - Surveys - Settings of a specific survey. 

Important! instant rating feature is disabled by default because there is a risk of receiving spam ratings from various bots. 

Enabling instant ratings

If you would like to use the instant rating feature, you can enable instant ratings in the Settings of your survey. Simply navigate to the Survey list menu, and click on the Settings & Appearance button of the survey you want to enable instant ratings for. When you're done don't forget to SAVE CHANGES!