Issue with Unknown Agent Ratings

Do you wonder what this "Unknown Agent" that appears in your rating feed is?

This happens when Nicereply is not able to assign a rating to a certain user. The rating URL structure looks like the following one:

"Unknown Agent" is caused by a broken username token in the rating link. Either it doesn't match or the user hasn't been imported to Nicereply, usually when you're using a general rating link in the ticketing system.

How to fix it

1. If each user has her own rating link

Make sure that the user's username is the same as the username token in the rating link.  Go to "Staff" and edit the user.

2. If you're using integration with ticketing system

Make sure that all users, whose user rating link is automatically assigned to them by variables (user_ID), are imported into Nicereply. Go to "Staff" and repeat user import from your help desk tool.