Trigger activation

If you choose to distribute your surveys via trigger (automated emails) after you close a ticket, conversation, chat, deal, etc. you'll notice that the trigger is inactive by default

There are two ways to activate your trigger:

  1. activate it right away, without editing the trigger settings or appearance
  2. activate it after you edit your survey appearance and trigger behavior

1. Activate the trigger without editing trigger behavior or appearance

If you do not want to change trigger behavior or appearance simply click on the "ACTIVATE TRIGGER" button.

2. Activate the trigger after you edit the behavior and appearance

After you edit the trigger behavior settings or survey appearance and save your changes you'll e re-directed to the list of all your surveys.

After you locate your trigger survey click on the "ACTIVATION" button. 

Now, you'll be re-directed to an Activation screen where you can send a test survey, & finally, Activate your trigger.