Trigger statistics (open rate, response rate & surveys sent)

Using trigger-automated emails when you close a ticket, conversation, chat, deal, etc. - enables you to gain access to Nicereply's advanced trigger statistics.

If you want to display your trigger stats navigate to the Analytics tab and click on Trigger stats.

By default, you'll see the trigger stats of all your post-resolution (trigger) surveys. Using the Surveys filter, you can select the specific surveys for which you want to display statistics.

Moreover, set up the data date range to display the results for the selected period (weekly, monthly, yearly, and custom periods). 

Once you've set up your filters, you can analyze your results. In the Trigger Stats, you can see:

  • Total number of surveys sent
  • The number of surveys opened & the open rate
  • The number of surveys answered & the response rate

The Trigger Stats dashboard begins with an overview of your all-time statistics. Next comes a handy table that details your trigger survey statistics by month.

Have issues with your trigger survey? Read our article with FAQs related to trigger settings and trigger conditions for all integrations.