How to duplicate a survey

Nicereply lets you customize your surveys to match your branding and company standards. It is possible to edit the colors, choose from multiple rating scales and metrics, add your logo, edit the thank you page (survey landing page), and much more.
With just one click, you can copy your survey after editing its look and behavior. This is especially useful when you want to send different surveys to different customer groups, countries, company departments, etc. The only thing you need to do is duplicate your survey and slightly edit the new survey to match your scenarios.
Duplicating your survey is very simple:
1. In your Nicereply account navigate to the Surveys tab
2. Then, click on the Surveys list and locate the survey you want to duplicate
3. Finally, click on the blue "Actions" button and choose the "Duplicate survey" option

After that, a new survey with the name Copy of the "original survey name" will appear in your surveys list.