Introducing the all-new Response Feed: easier, faster, and more intuitive

Hello dear customers!

We're moving forward, and replacing the Rating Feed with our updated Response Feed, designed with an eye on the future and our upcoming features. A refreshed approach to managing your feedback awaits. Dive in and experience the tweaks firsthand.

From "Rating Feed" to "Response Feed"

Why the name change? While we haven't introduced new question types like single choice and multiple choice yet, we're preparing for these features, as they're on the horizon and arriving very soon. Launching the new Response Feed is the first step in this direction.

The term "ratings" may not encompass the diversity of feedback these new questions will capture. Thus, "responses" serve as a broader and more fitting description of what's on the horizon.

All Answers at your fingertips

Remember when you had to click on a rating's detail to view the extra questions? Those days are behind us!

Now, every answer is displayed right away, offering a much more streamlined view.

No more extra clicks!

This isn't just a design change; it's a major UX improvement.

By displaying all answers at once, you can scan your feedback and evaluate it much more quickly.

It's all about efficiency and making sure you get the most out of every moment you spend in our app.

Unified visuals for icons and scores

Say goodbye to the days of scanning an icon and then a score separately. We've changed the visuals to combine the icon and score, making it much easier and faster for you to grasp the information at a glance.

Everything important in one place: the enhanced response header

All vital information related to a customer response is now conveniently located within its header, eliminating the need to jump between sections or pages.

While the primary information is immediately visible, we've also integrated a toggle for those moments when you require additional details. A swift click on the arrow will unveil supplementary data such as Location, Distribution, and IP address, ensuring a clean and efficient feed experience.

Contextual menu for all actions

Wondering what you can do with a specific response? Look no further than the contextual menu.

Every possible action associated with a response has been neatly tucked under this menu, making navigation and operations a breeze.

External system link integration

For those familiar with integrating Nicereply with external systems, this feature returns in our Response Feed with a fresh touch. When a response is connected to an external ticket ID, conversation, or deal ID, an icon is now prominently displayed.

Just click on this icon to directly access that conversation in a new window, eliminating manual searches and keeping you effortlessly in context.

Familiar Features in New Locations

While we've made numerous enhancements in our new Response Feed, some core functionalities remain unchanged — they've simply been relocated to optimize the overall user experience.

  1. Filtering: The filtering capability you've come to rely on remains intact. Its functionality hasn't been altered, ensuring a consistent and familiar approach to sorting and viewing responses.
  2. Issues: The Issues functionality continues to work as you remember. However, for a more streamlined view, the "Issue" label has now been moved to the response header, making it more accessible and prominent.
  3. Tagging: The ability to tag responses remains unchanged. While the function is the same, we've repositioned it to the bottom of the response. This subtle relocation ensures tagging fits seamlessly within the new design.

We're actively collecting feedback on the filtering feature and have plans to enhance it in the near future.

What's Next? Navigating the future of Response Feed

As we usher in this new era of feedback management with our revamped Response Feed, we’re committed to ensuring a seamless transition for all our customers. Here's a glimpse into our roadmap:

  1. Beta phase: Currently, the new Response Feed is in its beta phase. We're excited about its potential and are keenly observing its performance and gathering valuable insights.
  2. Alpha release with flexibility: In the upcoming phase, we'll transition the Response Feed to an alpha release. During this stage, you'll have the autonomy to switch between the new Response Feed and the classic Rating Feed. This ensures you have ample time to familiarize yourself with the new interface while still having the comfort of the old.
  3. Phasing out the Rating Feed: As we progress and refine based on user feedback and needs, there will come a time when we bid adieu to the Rating Feed. But worry not, this will only be done once we're confident that the new Response Feed not only matches but surpasses the user experience of its predecessor.

P.S. As always, we're here to help. If you have questions or need assistance navigating the new features, our support team is just a click away.