What is a "survey response"?

One of the two factor which our pricing is based on are survey responses. 

A survey response is a feedback from your customer. We do not charge our customer for the surveys they send, only for the surveys that get a response. You can either measure feedback directly in you signature or via trigger - automated email after a ticket, call, deal, order or chat is resolved.

Imagine you are measuring feedback in your help desk signature. A customer creates a ticket and you need to create 10 replies until the request is resolved. But you won't be charged for 10 surveys. Your customer, John, only gave you feedback after 2 interactions. That means that you will be charged for 2 survey responses. 

The same thing applies for triggers. Imagine you had to solve 100 tickets last month. A Nicereply survey is sent every time ticket is resolved. But you won't pay for 100 surveys, because only 30 of your customer gave you feedback. That means that only 30 survey responses will be charged.