Distribution options available in Nicereply

There are multiple distribution options available in Nicereply for your company to use. Nicereply offers 3 distribution methods with specific features and benefits - Email template distribution, Trigger distribution and Campaigns. You can add more distribution at any time. This article will provide you basic overview of distribution methods provided by Nicereply one-click survey solution. 

Email template distribution

This distribution method allows you to insert surveys to the emails you send. You simply place HTML code to your signature or any custom email template. Thanks to that your customers will be able to give your company feedback after each interaction. You can either use Nicereply survey directly in your help desk signature, insert it into your gmail or outlook, or incorporate satisfaction surveys into your marketing emails.

Trigger distribution

Benefit from the power of automated email sending. Follow up with customers via survey after you:

  • close a ticket
  • finish a call
  • complete a chat 
  • fulfil an order
  • or after your deal is won or lost


You decide to whom and when you wish to send NPS form. It's the simplest way to contact any audience via simple email import. All you need to do is create a list of customers you want to send the campaign to, and then you can use our two NPS features - campaign scheduler and autopilot - that will make it easy to reach your audience. 

Campaign scheduler allows you to schedule your NPS campaign for specific date and time in the future, and autopilot will automatically resend your NPS campaign after selected period of time.

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