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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

For Customer Support: in a CS agent's reply: 

How helpful was my reply?

How satisfied were you with my response time?

How would you rate my service today?

Did you find my reply helpful?

For Customer Support: Post-resolution surveys

How would you rate your overall experience with the support agent?

How knowledgeable was the agent when recommending solutions to your inquiry?

How satisfied are you with the ticket resolution?

Were you satisfied with the amount of effort you had to make to resolve this ticket?

How satisfied were you with your experience today?

How did you feel about your experience with our customer care agent today?

Was your issue resolved?

Please rate your most recent customer service experience. (1 star = Poor, 10 stars = Excellent)

Did the customer service representative address all of your concerns?

How easy was it to solve your issue?

Did you feel that our team answered your inquiry promptly?

Did our support team completely resolve your issue?

How well did the Support agent listen to your concern(s)?

Did you try to find an answer in our Knowledge Base prior to reaching out to Technical Support?

How friendly and professional was the Support agent? 

How quick and efficient were the troubleshooting steps provided by the Support agent?

For Product Team: Product satisfaction

Do you believe you will continue to use this product?

Were you happy with the delivery and packaging?

Did the product help you achieve your goals?

How would you rate your experience with the product/service/company name?

I think I'd like to use this [app/software\tool] frequently. (Strongly Agree - Strongly Disagree)

I thought the tool was easy to use. (Strongly Agree - Strongly Disagree)

I found the various functions in this tool were well integrated.  (Strongly Agree - Strongly Disagree)

I found the tool complicated and difficult to use.  (Strongly Agree - Strongly Disagree)

How satisfied are you with our product? (Very Satisfied - Very Dissatisfied)

How would you rate the overall product's quality? (Excellent - Poor) 

Are you planning to keep using our product? (Yes - No)

Are you planning to purchase other products in the future? (Yes - No)

How would you rate the following aspects of our product:
  • Ease of use (Very difficult to use - Very easy to use)
  • Product quality
  • Value for money
  • Product design (Very bad - Excellent)

For Marketing Team: Customer Experience

How would you rate your overall experience with [company name]?

How likely are you to recommend [company name] to others?

How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about our products?

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