How to Set Up Your Credit Card/ Payment

During your subscription, you might face payment issues. These scenarios might occur when you have changed your credit card or forgotten to fill in billing details in your account before your trial period ends.

Here's a guide on how to add your payment or credit details to your Nicereply account.

Step 1: Log in to your account

First thing first, go to our Nicereply website, and click on Login in the right upper side.

Here's shortcut that will get you straight to Login page.

Step 2: Fill in to your email and password

It would be great, if you have all the login details saved, but in case you don't, we got you!

If you at least remember your email that you used to login into Nicereply account, you can request a new password to be sent to this email address.

Anyway, fill in all your details and then you'll end up in your account main page.

Look at the left and click on the Account setting as seen below.

Then proceed to Payments.

After clicking the Payment in Account setting, you'll see your current plan & subscription setting.

You can choose your plan, or upgrade or downgrade it.

When you've chosen your plan, click on the green button Pay Now $XYZ/ Month.

Step 3: Set up your credit card

And you've made it!

After clicking the button, you should be able to fill in all your billing information.

Then you hit button save changes, and then comes the last part -credit card information.

It should look something like this:

Your payment is secured with 3D Secure protection.

And that's it!

You should be all set and ready to use Nicereply app.

Billing Errors

Have trouble with payments? First, we recommend trying again with a different card. If this won't work, you'll most likely have to contact your bank to determine the cause of the error.

Payment is declined (past due status)

When a payment is declined, credit card companies don't give vendors (in this case, Nicereply) the reason why a payment was declined, as a matter of privacy. There are, however, two common reasons which solve most of these declined errors.

One is insufficient funds on the card. The second is that the card company flagged the payment as suspicious or potentially fraudulent. The way to solve that would be to contact the card company to get them to authorize the transaction, and then try again.

Other Errors

For any other billing errors, you will most likely need to contact your bank and inquire as to why the card is not being accepted. When speaking with your bank, please provide them with the details of the dates and amounts of the transactions that are not going through.

Possible reasons for a card being declined include:

  • The amount is over the card's limit or available funds at that time.
  • A hold on the account.
  • The bank does not accept transactions from certain websites or online merchants.
  • The bank will not allow an international transaction without specific approval for the merchant (Nicereply is based in the European Union).