How to post responses to Slack via Zapier

If you don't feel like going to our Nicereply app to check every rating your agents receive, you can simply connect Nicereply with Zapier and receive notifications about every single rating in your Slack.

We will show you how you can easily set up this process.

The first thing to do is to log into your Zapier account.

Now, click on the third icon on the left - Zaps.

To create your own Zap, click on the “+ Create” in the upper right corner.

When choosing your trigger, in the search bar type in “Email Parser by Zapier”.

By the way, don't forget to name your new Zap - click on the Untitled Zap in the upper left corner, and name it. 

In the field *Event, choose the option New Email.

Then a new button highlights - Choose - this will allow you to connect your Parser account.

Once connected to your account, you will end up with settings looking like this:

Click Continue, and in the field *Mailbox

If you can't see any inbox to choose from click on the link below the field, log into your Parser account, and create a new mailbox.

Now, head to your mailbox, where you receive email notifications about the ratings. It could be Gmail, Outlook, whatever email provider you use, and forward this email with a rating to the email address you created in Zapier. In our case it's

A quick tip: Enable the auto-forwarding to Zapier mailbox, so you don't have to manually forward every single notification into Zapier Parser mailbox.

If your forwarded email doesn't show up, just refresh the whole page. 

Once the email is sent to your new mailbox, you'll see this template: 

Now, here comes a bit tricky part, where you need to highlight and name the selections. 

Highlight the Title.

Now, the agent

And the Customer.

Now, the Score and Scale

Ticket ID.

The ticket Backlink, but don't forget to not highlight the brackets at the beginning and at the end. 

Now, the Comment

Highlight the link for the Rating Detail, but same as the Ticked ID, don't include the brackets

Don't forget to save your address and template!

Now, head back to your Zaps settings, and you should see your new mailbox in the field *Mailbox. If you can't find it, just refresh the page, and it should show up.

Proceed by clicking on continue, where you will be called out to test out your new trigger. Then again, click on the button Test trigger.

Now, let's set the Action

In the search bar, type in Slack, and for the *Event field, choose whatever you prefer, in this scenario, we went for a Send a Channel Message

Hit Continue, and connect your Slack account

Then, you can choose in the field *Channel, the Slack Channel, where you'd like your notifications to be sent. 

In the field Insert Data, choose following data:

Email Subject

From Parse Output Customer to Parse Output Agent

Feel free to add syntax like so: <Parse Output Backlink | Ticket Parse Output Tickedid

When you're done, click on the Continue at the bottom, and Test out the action, and then Publish it

In Slack, you're notification will look like this:

Extra tip

According to this guide, to further edit your template, head back to your mailbox in Parser, and click View Emails on the mailbox, where you edited your template. 

Below your received email, you can see an option to Edit extra template.

Here, you can basically do the same thing and highlight and add the selections to the same data as you did in your first template.