Response Feed filters

Use filters and collect important insights quickly and effortlessly.

You can find all 5 filters on the top of the Response feed section. With the updated filters you can list through:

  1. Surveys
  2. Agents
  3. Scores
  4. Ratings with/without comments
  5. Tags
  6. Time period

Filter 1: Surveys

The survey filter allows you to display a specific type of survey or list through different surveys and different metrics. Thanks to this filter you can see ratings of customer loyalty (NPS), find out how much your customers are satisfied (CSAT), or if your processes are set up well (CES). 

Filter 2: Agents

The section “agents” allows you to see how each of your team members performs. You can see the feedback of a particular employee or an entire team. Thanks to this filter you can measure the performance of your team and honor the best agents.

Filter 3: Scores

Scores filter - one of the most insightful filters you should use on a regular basis. This filter allows you to see positive, neutral, or negative feedback for every satisfaction metric. Filtering out good and bad responses (or positive or negative NPS feedback) is the easiest way to identify bugs and make improvements to your product. 

Filter 4: Ratings with/without comments

The next filter allows you to choose between responses with or without comments. See what your customers think about service or employees.

Filter 5: Tags

Searching for relevant information has never been easier. Add tags to customer responses and filter feedback by different topics (e.g. tags related to the product, support, or “bugs”). You can also add evaluative tags to each response. Thanks to that you can filter even good & bad customer experiences through tags. 

How to add tags:

  1. Place a cursor under response/comment.
  2. Start to type a tag. 

Filter 6: Time Period

Set an exact time period and compare your results with your scores in the past. Comparison and benchmarking is a good practice that helps you analyze previous results and predict the right steps for the future.