Setup integration with almost any platform

Apart from the growing number of integrated systems that work nicely with Nicereply, you can connect it to any help desk or CRM system (even your custom-coded one).

This guide explains how to generate a custom survey link or embedded survey for emails (HTML embed code).

On top of that, you will find out how to effectively identify customers in Nicereply surveys, a crucial step for gathering accurate and actionable feedback.

The process detailed here is versatile and can be used across multiple platforms and contexts, ensuring broad applicability and ease of integration into various customer interaction points.

Follow these instructions if you want to use a survey link or email template in your platform, such as

  • in-house ticketing system or helpdesk we don’t integrate natively (HappyFox, Hubspot Service Hub, Jira Service Management, etc.)
  • CRM
  • marketing emailing platforms (Mailchimp, Drift, ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue)
  • Customer success tools (Akita, Planhat, Intercom)
  • shared inboxes (Front, Gemelius, Missive, Helpmonks)

Here are two examples:

  1. A survey embedded in the NPS email campaign in Mailchimp

  1. A survey link was inserted into the email template in Pipedrive.


In order for the platform to function properly, certain basic requirements must be met.

These requirements include

a) unique identifiers for agents, such as "jack-nicereply" or "348592," or at least unique full names.

b) unique identifiers for tickets, conversations, messages, deals, etc.

c) unique identifiers for customers, such as customer emails and names.

d) It is also necessary for the platform to support variables in emails and links.

Setting up an HTML embed code for the Survey

Click here for instructions

Setting up the survey link

Click here for instructions

How to dynamically identify agents or company associates who received a rating?

Step 1 Add agents

Go to ACCOUNT > STAFF and add a user either manually by “Add agent” or by bulk action “Import CSV”.  More on importing agents here.

The agent’s “username” must match the unique user identification on your help desk system, whether it’s "jack-daniels", "984922" or "Mary Poppins". Repeat this for every agent.

Step 2 Modify the HTML code

Now make necessary modifications to the HTML code using one of the following methods.

a) select a particular agent from the drop-down menu (if your platform doesn't offer a variable for agents)

b) add an variable to the URL string in the code instead of the agent name.

We recommend that you test the survey on a few test tickets. You should see the response in your Response feed and the agents should be associated with the rating. No  Unknown Agent ratings should appear. 

How to link responses to your tickets/conversations/orders/deals

The ticket link enables you to jump from responses recorded inside Nicereply right to the interaction (ticket, case, order, deal, conversation) in your platform.

Step 1 Find the URL in your platform

Go to your platform and open a detailed view of any ticket, case, or conversation.

Take a look at the URL in your browser – most applications use nicely formatted URLs so you can spot the Ticket ID there. 

The URL may look like:

Step 2 Establish the URL link in Nicereply

Go to SURVEYS > locate the survey you want to edit, then select SETTINGS & APPEARANCE.

You are in GENERAL SETTINGS. Scroll down and find TICKET LINK.

Paste the copied URL link and replace the ticket ID with "<TICKET_ID>" variable:

Now all your ratings will have a small but powerful "Open Ticket" icon which will open a new tab with the ticket/case inside your help desk/CRM.

And that’s it!

You are the master of Nicereply integrations and your customers may give you feedback on the quality of your service.