Customer Effort Score (CES) email template distribution in Front

This article will show you how to start measuring Customer Effort Score (CES) directly in your Front email template (signature).

You can either follow the integration video manual or follow the written documentation below the video.

Integration video manual

Written documentation


In this article

NOTE: every step is the article is the same for CSAT, NPS and CES

Enable integration in Front

In the settings of your Front account, go to integrations and choose Nicereply from the app directory. Here you need to do a few more things:

1. Click Enable integration

2. Enable Nicereply

3. Insert company URL - the company url is available in Nicereply settings in your account. Then save settings.

Connecting Front with Nicereply

1. Choose the CES metric in the “left menu” in your Nicereply account. Click on START CES. If you do not see the START CES button click on NEW SURVEY button in the top left corner of the screen

2. From distribution options choose EMAIL TEMPLATE

3. You’re on the app directory page now, click on Front icon

4. In the next step add your Front Token, to get your Token go to your Front account > go to Settings > Plugins and API > then click on API and create New Token.

Important Tip: Name your new token Nicereply. This will ensure that all your customer feedback is pushed into your Front conversations properly.

Select following scopes: Shared Resources and Private Resources, then click create.

Hit Connect and continue to activate your agents in the next step.

5.  Add your user from Front to Nicereply. New users will get an automated email with login instructions from us.

Adding email template to Front

6. You're on the good way! To collect customer feedback, you need to place Customer Effort Score into your Front email templates. Now copy Code for CES (not Preview!)

Allow private resource access

In order for Nicereply to be able to push your customer feedback data directly into your rated conversations as a note & tag, you must enable private resource access in your Front account. 

To do so navigate to Front, then Settings, click on Personal, and finally Preferences. Here, search for API and enable the " Allow access to my individual resources via the API" option. When you're done click Save. 

Helpful Tip:  Each user has to grant the Private Resources access in his/her personal preferences. However, you can grant access to your entire team yourself. Simply navigate to Front, Settings, then Company, and click on Teammates. Then choose a teammate, search for API and enable the "Allow access to my individual resources via the API" option. When you're done click Save. 

Good job!

Your email templates will now contain CES code (smiley faces) and all collected ratings will be stored in Nicereply under CES tab.

And are pushed into your Front conversation.