Distribute Nicereply surveys in your Pipedrive signature

You can make Nicereply surveys part of your everyday communication in Pipedrive. Collect feedback at every interaction with your Pipedrive contacts. 

This article will provide guideline on how to start collecting feedback in your Pipedrive signature. Specifically, you'll learn how to start collecting Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) in your signature. Every step of this article is the same for CSAT, CES and NPS. 

1. In your Nicereply account navigate to Integrations. Then click ADD NEW INTEGRATION in the top left corner of the screen

2. Now click on Pipedrive icon.

3. In the next step authorize Nicereply by clicking Allow and Install.

4. Add your users from Pipedrive to Nicereply by clicking continue. New users will get an automated email with login instructions from us. 

5.  Now, Choose the CSAT metric in the “left menu” in your Nicereply account. Click on START CSAT. If you do not see the START CSAT button click on NEW SURVEY button in the top left corner of the screen. Then, Choose your primary CSAT question rating scale. Once you choose the survey rating scale it is not possible to change it later.

6. From the distribution options choose EMAIL TEMPLATE

7. In the next step click on Skip Integration

8. Now, you should see all your Pipedrive users already listed in your agents list. If there's any user missing you can add him/her by clicking Add user. Then click Continue.

9. Every agent has to copy his/her survey preview and paste it into his/her Pipedrive signature. Now, switch to preview mode.

10. Choose an agent you want to copy the survey for and Copy survey preview.

11. Switch to your Pipedrive account. Navigate to Mail and click on Compose button. 

12. Now, click on signature and paste the CSAT preview. 

13. When you're done click Save. 

Good job! Like mentioned before, every Pipedrive user has to copy his/her CSAT preview from Nicereply and paste it into his/her Pipedrive signature!

When you're done switch back to Nicereply and Confirm setup completion. 

To be able to identify which customer gave you feedback you need to make little edit on your rating page. Navigate to Surveys - Surveys list. Locate your Pipedrive custom template and click on Appearance. 

Now, click EDIT on the "Your name" section. 

Here you can edit whether you'd like to ask a customer's name or email address, and disable the "Hide name field from rating form" option. 

When you're finished click Done, and then Save & Publish. 

Good Job!

Now, you'll be able to collect feedback at every interaction with your Pipedrive contacts. You can analyse gathered feedback in your CSAT rating feed and see:

  • name of the rated agent 
  • name of a customer that gave you feedback
  • rating value & comment