Setup integration with Kayako

Apart from the growing number of Nicereply native integrations, you can connect our tool to any help desk or CRM system (even your custom-coded one). This article will show you how to start measuring customer satisfaction directly in your Kayako email templates (signature).


In this article

  • Importing your Kayako agents
  • Creating Nicereply email template survey
  • Creating custom ticket backlink

NOTE: every step is the article is the same for Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES).

Importing your Kayako agents

In the first step, you need to import your Kayako agents into the Nicereply account. The best way to do this is to create a CSV file with the following agent information: full name, email, username. You can find agent username by going into your Kayako account - Administration - Agent directory. You can see every agent's username in the URL after opening his/her profile. In this case, it's number 6.

When you're done your file should look like this:

After you're finished with creating your file download it as CSV file. Then, go to your Nicereply account and navigate to Staff, click IMPORT AGENTS, and choose CSV. 

Then, choose the file and decide whether you want your Kayako agents to have access to Nicereply, and what role will they have. When you're ready click IMPORT. 

Creating Nicereply email template survey

Now that you successfully imported your Kayako agents into Nicereply you can create your email template code.

First, you need to choose which satisfaction metric you want to distribute in your Kayako signatures  - CSAT, CES, or NPS. This article will show you the most common use case - measuring CSAT in your help desk signatures. 

Click NEW SURVEY in the top left corner and choose START WITH CSAT. 

Now, choose EMAIL TEMPLATE. Then, click on Choose a new app to integrate section and click SKIP INTEGRATION. 

You've already imported your Kayako agents, click CONTINUE. 

In the next step, copy the survey code. 

Switch to your Kayako account. Navigate to Administration - Customizations - Email Templates. We will focus on the "Reply" section. 

Now, place your cursor after {{ contents|raw }} </div> code and paste the CSAT code. 

It's important to make small edits to the survey code so that we will be able to match feedback with the rated agent and ticket. 

First, we need to incorporate a unique user id variable into your email template code. Copy this code: {{ }} Then, in your Kayako Email Templates editor, you need to identify the username part of the code. As you can see in the code below, in our case it's lenka-smith. The username section can be located after .csat28/ section and ends before the question mark ?. The number 28 is not the same for every survey, it only indicates that we have 28 CSAT surveys in our account. If you have 1 CSAT survey the code will be csat.1/. 

This username is located 3 times within the CSAT code (because there are 3 smiley faces), so we need to replace it 3 times with the code you've copied before. 

Now, we need to incorporate a unique ticket id variable into the survey code.  Copy this code: /{{ }}/ Then, place your cursor behind the {{ }} code we pasted into the code before. Then, paste the second code behind it. Like in the previous case, we need to do it 3 times, for each of the smiley faces. 

This is how your code should look like: 

When you're done don't forget to save changes in Kayako and Confirm setup completion in Nicereply.

Creating custom ticket backlink

The last thing we need to do it to update your Ticket backlink URL so that you will be able to identify feedback with a direct link to the rated Kayako tickets.

In your Nicereply account navigate to Surveys - Surveys list. 

Locate your Kayako custom email template and click on SETTINGS. 

As you can see there is a "Ticket link" section. Copy this URL: https:/{hostname}<TICKET_ID> and paste it into the "Ticket link" section. 

You need to replace the {hostname} section of the code with your Kayako hostname. In this example, it is nicereply-app. You can see your Kayako hostname in the URL when you're logged in your Kayako account. 

When you're finished Save Changes!

Good job!

Your Kayako email reply templates will now contain Nicereply CSAT (smiley faces) survey and all collected ratings will be stored in Nicereply under the CSAT tab. 

You will also be able to identify feedback in context with a direct link to the rated ticket, and you will see the name of the rated agent directly within Nicereply rating feed.