How to filter your Pipedrive surveys by a specific label or pipeline

You can filter your Nicereply trigger surveys by Mailbox or tag. In the Pipedrive use case, Mailbox equals Pipeline and Tag equals Label. If you choose to filter your survey by a specific Pipeline or label, the survey will be sent only to a deal with that label or from that pipeline. 

If you'd like to filter your Pipedrive survey by specific Pipeline simply navigate to your Nicereply account, then click on Surveys - Surveys list and then find your Pipedrive survey. Then, choose "TRIGGER SETTINGS" and choose the "Filter by Mailbox" option. Now, you can see a list of all your existing Pipelines - simply choose the one that you want to distribute Nicereply surveys for. 

If you'd like to filter your surveys by a label, you can automate the label adding process in Pipedrive, so that a specific label will be automatically added to won deal, and then Nicereply will automatically send a survey to every won deal with that label. 

To create this simple automation follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Pipedrive account - Automations
  2. Click on “Add custom workflow” button and insert the name and description
  3. Now, start the setup process and set the trigger to - DEAL - DEAL UPDATED. Click on APPLY

  4. Click on "+ Specify deal conditions"
  5. Select "DEAL STATUS IS WON" condition and click "Apply conditions"
  6. Then, click on "+ Action"

  7. Select the following action -  "DEAL - UPDATE DEAL FIELDS". Then, click on "Next Step"

  8. Select DEAL & choose a label that will trigger your surveys. When you're done click "Apply"
  9. When you're done don’t forget to finish the setup - sctivate and save this automation. 
  10. After you're done creating this automation in Pipedrive, navigate to your Nicereply account.
  11. Click on Surveys - Surveys list and find your Pipedrive survey. 
  12. Then, click on "TRIGGER SETTINGS"
  13. Now click "Filter by Tag" and insert your Pipedrive label. 

  14. When you're done don't forget to Save your changes