Website Pop-up survey

Our pop-up surveys are the ideal choice if you want to survey users while they are using your website or another software.

ℹ️ Website Pop-up surveys are currently in the Beta version. If you have any questions or want to give us feedback, please contact us at

Creating your first Pop-up survey

When you log in to your Nicereply account, you will be taken directly to the Rating feed section. If you're looking to create a new Pop-up survey, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “+NEW SURVEY” button on the top of the left sidebar OR navigate to Surveys (Surveys > Survey list) from the left sidebar and click on the Add Survey button.
  2. Choose one of the desired metrics you want to use to measure your feedback. If you are new to gathering feedback with Nicereply, read some tips & tricks here.
  3. Choose distribution - Website Pop-up survey
  4. Install Nicereply code into your website or software. Read more in the section below.
  5. The survey is created, GOOD JOB! Do not forget to customize your survey and set up its trigger settings.

ℹ️ Keep in mind that by default your survey WILL NOT be enabled. You need to go to trigger settings and enable it manually.

How to install the Nicereply Pop-up survey code

To display and trigger a Pop-up survey on your website, or within your software, you need to install a Nicereply code.

  • There is one unique Nicereply code associated with your Nicereply account (multiple users within the same company have the same code).
  • All your website surveys created in your Nicereply account will run on your website or software using the same code. You do not need to change it when you want to modify an existing or add a new survey.

In the process of creating of website pop-up survey, you can find your unique code in the last step of the creation flow. Copy the code and paste it into the HTML of your website or software, ideally right before the closing </body> tag. Another way how to find your code is to navigate to Surveys (Surveys > Survey list), find your survey, and click on “CODE” button.

ℹ️ After installing the code to your website or software, you need to set up your website survey behavior via trigger settings here

If you have any problems with installing your code, feel free to contact us at