Survey link message (In-signature) distribution in Gladly

This article will show you how to start measuring your selected metric (Customer Satisfaction Score - CSAT, Net Promoter Score - NPS, Customer Effort Score CES) directly in your Gladly conversations (answers).

Written documentation


In this article

  • Connecting Gladly with Nicereply
  • Adding email template to Gladly answer

NOTE: every step in the article is the same for CSAT, NPS and CES (we will demonstrate on CSAT)

Connecting Gladly with Nicereply

1. Choose + NEW SURVEY in the “left menu” in your Nicereply account, pick your metric (and scale, if needed). Once you choose the metric (and scale) it is not possible to change it later.

2. From distribution options choose In-signature surveys

3. You’re on the app directory page now, click on Gladly icon

. In the next step add your Gladly URL, (e.g. and your Gladly credentials (Email & Token). You need to insert credentials for user with at least API User role credentials. of your Gladly account.

To get your Gladly API token:

  • Go to your Gladly instance and open menu > Settings

  • Select Settings

  • In APP DEVELOPER TOOLS section select API Tokens (to see this section your user has to have an API User role assigned)

  • Create a token by clicking on “Create Token” button and copy it by clicking on a button that appears when you are next to token’s value

  • Otional: You can rename your token to better identify it later.
  • Warning: If you refresh the page or leave it and return later, you will not be able to see the token’s value again. It will be hidden. Token’s value is usable only on its creation.

  • Go back to Nicereply and Paste the Gladly API token

Hit Connect and continue to activate your agents in the next step.

5. Import your agents from Gladly to Nicereply by clicking Continue.

Adding answer template to Gladly

6. You're on the good way! To collect customer feedback, you need to place your survey link code into your Gladly email templates.  Copy link code from Nicereply account.

7.  Head back to Gladly to and Click on Home > Kebab icon (3 lines) > Answers and add new answer or use an existing one.

To paste the code from Nicereply without formatting, please copy the code (Ctrl + C/ Command + C) and paste it:

  • in Windows: Ctrl + Shift + V
  • in Mac: Command + Control + Shift + V

8. Setup your Gladly Answer and paste Nicereply survey link to it.

9. Now we need to make use of Gladly’s answer variables. Due to the way they work remove the INSERT_GLADLY_AGENT_ID_VARIABLE_HERE from the link and type / (slash) followed by agent: /agent. The slash starts Gladly variable insertion and by typing ***agent you narrow down the variables to agent ones. Select Agent’s ID.

Upon inserting the Agent’s ID variable there might be an automatically inserted trailing space as well. Remove it. Agent’s ID should be directly followed by slash and question mark: Agent’s ID/?customer_id=

Repeat the steps for customer’s id as well, replacing INSERT_GLADLY_CUSTOMER_ID_VARIABLE_HERE (no need to remove the trailing space this time). You can see the result in the following picture. If the variables are properly registered, they will appear with a dotted underline.

10. When you´re done click Create (or Save if you are editing an existing answer) in the lower right corner.

Good job!

Your is now ready to be used by your agents: