Outlook Add-in


If you're using Outlook and looking to identify your survey respondents seamlessly, you've come to the right place. The Nicereply Outlook Add-in specializes in automatically filling in specific placeholders in your Nicereply survey links or codes, making it possible to know who has completed your survey.

Please note that this add-in works only with Outlook for Microsoft 365.


Placeholders in Survey Links or Codes

The initial phase of this add-in is centered around populating placeholders within Nicereply survey links or HTML codes. It acts passively to ensure that these placeholders are accurately replaced upon sending your email.

The necessary placeholders for customer identification are:

  • for customer email {nr_customer_email}
  • for customer name {nr_customer_name}

How to Use:

  1. Install the Add-in into Outlook: Search and add the Nicereply Outlook Add-in.

  1. Find Your Survey in Nicereply: Navigate to your Nicereply application and locate the survey you'd like to use. Surveys -> Survey list -> Setting & Appearance -> Email template

  1. Copy Survey Link or HTML Code (Preview): For the chosen survey pick Outlook as a platform and the agent name you want to create a signature for. Copy its link or click on "copy preview".

  1. Paste the Link or Preview into your Outlook Email Signature:

  1. Send the Email: Our add-in will passively ensure that the placeholders are populated correctly when you send the email.

Good Job!

Your Outlook signature will now contain CSAT (smiley faces) and all collected ratings have identified its respondent. This will apply to any used survey metric type CSAT, NPS, or CES.