Setup integration with Apple Mail

Apple Mail does not allow you to insert raw HTML code directly into your signature, so we have to use some tricks to add the Nicereply Rating Link to your signature.

Create a new signature

Let’s go to  Mail > Settings > Signatures and click "+" button. Set e.g. "Nicereply" name to your signature and add just your full name to your new email signature. My email signature now looks like this:

At this point we need to close Settings and quit the Mail application.

Now, go to your Nicereply account, and create a CSAT survey with an in-signature type of distribution., and integrate it with Email.

When you go through all the steps, and import your agents, you'll end up here:

And on the bottom, you see a long string of code, well, we don't need it, rather click on the Preview next to Code, and copy it.

Now, head back to your signature settings in Apple Mail, and paste it.

When pasting the code, don't forget to tick the field Always match my default message font.

Now, your signature doesn't look how it's supposed, right? Don't worry! We'll fix it!

If you can't see the rating pictograms, just close the mail settings, and get back and it will be loaded.

Now, to the editing:

Your in-signature survey looks something like this, correct?

Delete the spaces between the pictograms, and you'll end up with this:

See, the scale is still all over the place. On your keyboard, type 4x tab button, after the Very bad, so the Excellent will move to the right, and a little bit lower.

Feel free to customise your signature, and delete Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Nicereply.

Go back to writing an email, and choose your new signature:

And now, you're all set!