Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) for Gmail

Empower your Gmail with Nicereply. In this article you can find out everything important about the Nicereply integration.

You can either follow the integration video manual or follow the written documentation below the video.

Integration video manual

Written documentation

  1. How the integration works
  2. Adding Customer Satisfaction Score to Gmail

NOTE: every step in the article is the same for CSAT,NPS and CES.

How the integration works

The first thing you need to decide is what satisfaction metric you'd like to measure. Nicereply offers three metrics: 

If you choose a CSAT survey, you can also choose the type of rating scale. See the examples below:

After you decide what metric you want to measure you need to decide which distribution option to use. You can measure customer satisfaction directly in your Gmail signature (email template). Then connect your Gmail account with Nicereply. 

After you choose email template you copy Nicereply survey code and insert it into your Gmail email template. In this case a customer will be able to rate you after each interaction, because the survey will be placed in your signature.

Adding Customer Satisfaction Score to Gmail

1. Choose the CSAT metric in the “left menu” in your Nicereply account. Click on START CSAT. If you do not see the START CSAT button click on NEW SURVEY button in the top left corner of the screen. Then, Choose your primary CSAT question rating scale. Once you choose the survey rating scale it is not possible to change it later.

2. From distribution options choose EMAIL TEMPLATE.

3. In the next step click on GMAIL Icon.

4. Connecting Nicereply with email services such as Gmail or Outlook requires you to add each user to your Nicereply account manually. Click "ADD USER".

5. In the next step add Name, Username and and Email of your new user. New users will get an automated email with login instructions from us.

6. When you are done adding new users to your Nicereply account click "CONTINUE".

7. You're on the good way! To collect customer feedback, you need to place CSAT (smiley faces) into your signature Gmail account.

8. On this page choose between Smiley Faces/Button/URL link & copy (CMD+C/CTRL+C) preview of your your chosen Survey.

9. Open your Gmail -> Settings and scroll to the Signature section.

10.Click the option that you want to include signature in your e-mails.

11. Place your cursor where you want your Nicereply Survey and paste (CMD+V/CTRL+V) the Survey. Then click the option insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it.

     12. When you are done Don’t forget to save the changes in Gmail settings.

     13. Once you're done, you can click finish setup in your Nicereply account.

Good Job!

Your Gmail templates will now contain CSAT (smiley faces) and all collected ratings will be stored in Nicereply under CSAT tab.

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