Push “New Rating” to Slack via Zapier

What's Zapier

Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. It’s an integration platform that allows you to connect popular web services without being a developer.

What's a Zap

A Zap is a connection, or integration, between two apps that automates your workflow. A Zap is made of a "trigger" (ex.: When I receive a new email in Gmail...) and an "action" (ex.: send me an SMS message). Zaps run automatically to move and manage data without any work on your part. Only "On" Zaps count against your limit.

How to Push “New Rating” to Slack*

*or another team chat app like HipChat, Flowdock and many more

Why it's great

  • get an instant notification about the new ratings -> react fast on bad ratings

  • show up your support team to others who don’t have access to Nicereply -> and motivate each other
  • you don’t need to be a developer to connect services together

How to make Make a Zap!

First of all, you need to create an account on Zapier. It offers a free plan which is absolutely perfect for our use case. Afterward, get an invite access to Nicereply on Zapier -> Get Access. Let’s go to make a Zap, now:

1. Choose trigger and action

Select Nicereply and Slack from the app directory as you can see in the picture below.

  • the trigger is a “New Rating” in Nicereply
  • action is “Send new message” to Slack

2. Select a Nicereply account

3. Select a Slack account

4. Filter Nicereply trigger

It’s an optional step, where you can filter a certain rating value for instance.

5. Matchup Nicereply rating to Slack new message

6. Test this Zap

Finally, test and save your Zap

You did it, good job! There are plenty of options for what you can do with Zapier. Tell us about the Zaps you use and we'll share it among other users.