Setting default email template in Salesforce Service Cloud


Congratulations! You've successfully connected your Salesforce account with Nicereply and created Nicereply email template. All you need to do now is to set up this email template as default. Follow these simple steps and next time you will send an email to a customer Nicereply email template will be automatically inserted into the email body. 

  1. Open your Salesforce (Service Cloud) account
  2. Go to Setup (not Service Setup)
  3. Click Objects and Fields, and then go to Object manager
  4. Then click on CaseScreen_Shot_2018-02-16_at_09.36.31.png
  5. Then go to Buttons, Links, and Actions
  6. Click on Emailclick_on_email.png
  7. Now click Edit
  8. Now click on the magnifier in the Default Email Template line, and then select the email template you want to set as default
  9. Finally, click Savesave.png


Good job!

You've successfully set your Nicereply email template as default.