Distributing Nicereply surveys as a trigger after a case is closed in Salesforce Service Cloud


This article will show you how to start distributing CSAT, CES or NPS surveys as a separate email (trigger) after a case is closed in your Salesforce Service Cloud account.


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NOTE: every step is the article is the same for CSAT, NPS and CES

Creating Nicereply CSAT, CES or NPS survey template for Salesforce

In order to be able to send out Nicereply surveys as a separate email after a case is closed, you need to create Nicereply CSAT, CES or NPS email template in your Salesforce account.

After you decide which satisfaction metric you want to measure, follow the respective manual to set up your email template:

CSAT: Click here for the Customer Satisfaction Score email template setup guide

CES: Click here for the Customer Effort Score email template setup guide

NPS: Click here for the Net Promoter Score email template setup guide

After you complete following steps and you'll be ready to start distributing your survey in no time!

Creating survey trigger automation in Salesforce

1. After you've created your Nicerpely survey email template navigate to Service Setup - Process Automation and click on Workflow Rules. 

2. Then, start creating your survey trigger by clicking New Rule

3. Now you need to select the object to which this workflow rule will apply. Choose Case and click Next.

4. Now insert your Rule Name and define Rule Criteria. In our case the Rule Criteria is: Case Closed - equals - True. Then click Save & Next.

5. Now, click on Add Workflow Action button and choose New Email Alert. 

6. Insert Email alert Description (subject), then choose an Email template you want to send out as trigger (Nicereply CSAT, CES or NPS email template).

7. Set Recipient type to Email Field, and from the Available Recipients list choose Contact email. Click Add. Then click Save. 

8. In the next step, Click Add Time Trigger. 

9. Now choose a time since the case resolution after which you want your survey to be sent and set the workflow trigger for Case: Date/Time Closed. Then click Save. 

10. Click Done 

11. In the final step click Activate