Introduction to CloudTalk integration

CloudTalk is cloud-based call center software with more than 70 advanced calling features for sales and support teams. Integration with Nicereply can help you receive feedback from your customers and get valuable insights for your customer service‚Äôs future improvements. 

This article includes all important information about Nicereply integration, specifically: 

  1. How the integration works
  2. Features of the integration
  3. Trigger setup manuals

How the integration works

The first thing you need to do is decide which satisfaction metric you'd like to measure. Nicereply offers three metrics: 

After you decide which metric you want to measure, you can proceed with survey distribution. Simply create a new survey in your Nicereply account, import agents, and paste the survey code in an SMS text. You may then activate your workflow automation in CloudTalk and start collecting customer feedback.

Features of the integration

1. Send survey after a call ends

Workflow Automation in CloudTalk is an efficient way of streamlining business processes, especially in customer support and sales departments. With workflows, you can easily automate NPS/CES/CSAT distribution and collect feedback via SMS after the call. 

Call tagging can help improve how you filter the recipients of your surveys. For example, you can send a survey to only the customers who have a specific tag.

2. Get a performance overview 

Collect and analyze customer feedback in your Nicereply account. 

3. Customize your CSAT/CES/NPS surveys according to your branding and needs

Ask your customers the right questions at the right time with branded one-click surveys. Customize your surveys and add additional questions.

4. User import

Sync all your CloudTalk agents with Nicereply with one click. New agents will get an automated email with login instructions.

Trigger setup manuals

After you decide which satisfaction metric you want to measure, follow the respective manual to start gathering actionable feedback:

CSAT: Distributing Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) surveys via SMS in CloudTalk

CES: Distributing Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys via SMS in CloudTalk

NPS: Distributing Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys via SMS in CloudTalk