How to add a survey link to Zendesk text triggers

A common practice after ending a call with a customer is to send a survey link via text message (SMS) to receive feedback on the call. 

Let's see how you can send the survey link in a Zendesk text message. 

To get your survey link, go to your Nicereply account, choose the survey integrated with Zendesk you'd like to send out via text message (SMS). 

Keep in mind that this survey needs to be created in survey setup as an “in-signature” survey, so you can get a URL link. 

Go to the settings of the chosen survey and click on “Email template”, and in the “Survey style” choose “URL link”.

Copy the link of the survey, and save it, so you can use it later. 

Now, go to your Zendesk account, then navigate to the Admin Center by clicking on the four squares in the upper right corner of your screen.

In the search bar at the left hand side, type in “Triggers”, and click on the first result that comes up.

Now you can create your trigger. We went and created a “Nicereply survey after a call ticket is solved”, and fill in the conditions and actions as below:

In the body of a message, write an introduction sentence, and paste your copied survey URL link. 

The most important is to add variables to your code such as "{{}}" and "{{}}"

Don't forget to save your trigger!