Nicereply chat plugin for LiveAgent

Add the Nicereply plugin to your LiveAgent chat, so that when the chat is ended your customers can rate the chat. Built-in chat is a great feature of LiveAgent. With Nicereply, you can collect feedback on the quality of your service at the end of each chat session. Enabling the Nicereply plugin for LiveAgent chat is very easy. 


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Connecting LiveAgent with Nicereply

  1. In Nicereply, click on Integrations > Add new Integration and choose Live Agent from the app directory.
  2. In the next step add your LiveAgent hostname, (e.g. and your LiveAgent API key. To get your API key go to Configuration > System > API. Click Add API key, then insert Name, and in Privileges you need to select at least agent - read, tag - read + manage, ticket - read + create + operate, user - read. Then click Create.

Hit Connect and continue to activate your agents in the next step.

Add your user from LiveAgent to Nicereply. New users will get an automated email with login instructions from us.

Plugin activation in LiveAgent

Now we need to activate the Nicereply plugin in your LiveAgent account.

5. Go to your LiveAgent account > Configuration > System > Plugins.  Find the "NiceReply integration" and click Activate.

Confirm the Activation by clicking  "Yes"

And Restart the application if necessary by clicking "Yes"

Now your Plugins page will re-load, and Nicereply plugin is active.

6. Good job, we are almost done! Click on " Configure" and you will see simple configuration dialog.

7. Now go to your Nicereply account > settings > company/account settings, and copy your company Url. 

8. Switch back to LiveAgent and paste your Nicereply " Company URL" into LiveAgent "NiceReply account id" and "Save" your settings. Now you can close the dialog.

9. Last thing you need to do is to deactivate the Ranking plugin. Simply click deactivate Ranking, then confirm by clicking Yes, and restart your account by clicking Yes once more.

Good Job!

You’ve just successfully configured LiveAgent chat to use Nicereply as a feedback at the end of the each chat session. The result may looks like this:

Note:if the phrase "You can rate my answers here" is not in your native language, you can change it very quickly. Go to your LiveAgent account > Configuration > System > Languages. Then find the language you want to use and click edit. Switch to Translations tab, and click Add custom translation.Now as a source message insert the phrase "You can rate my replies here:". As a translation insert the phrase in your native language. Then click create.You can close the edit language window now, and now set the language as a default. Finally, when you're editing the chat button in configuration > chat > chat buttons, you need your chat button language to match your default language.And that's it.