Manual for LiveAgent chat integration

Previously, you could set up your Nicereply integration with your LiveAgent account by following this guide.

What's different now?

This new integration sends good or bad ratings from your chat conversation directly to Nicereply. Here, you can calculate the satisfaction score for a chat channel. At the same time, you can use email templates or triggers for email conversations.

One great advantage is that you no longer need to insert a survey link into the chat. Your customers can rate the conversation with your agent in the chat window using one of three smiley faces.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that only one questionnaire is used, and it contains only the main questions and the commentary. You can't change the question of this form in Nicereply, even if you do, the changes won't appear in LiveAgent chat. 

If it's the identified visitors, Nicereply will pull their data into the Nicereply rating feed.

If it's an unknown visitor, we pull only their number.

We will even push the note to the chat ticket. 

To set up this new integration, please, follow these steps. 

Create a new CSAT 2-point (thumbs up & down) scale trigger and connect it to your LiveAgent.

  1. Create a new survey and choose the Customer Satisfaction Survey metric

  1. Use the first option - 2-Point Scale

  1. Now, choose the Post-resolution surveys (Trigger) type of distribution

  1. Click on the LiveAgent integration

  1. These are the trigger settings, however, your trigger doesn't need to be activated to make it work!

To sync your agents, they need to be imported through STAFF -> import agents, in your Nicereply account.

Then you need to set up an integration according to this guide in LiveAgent.

Enable the Ranking plugin in LiveAgent

  1. Go to your LiveAgent account
  2. Then, go to Configuration -> System -> Plugins
  3. Check, whether the Ranking plugin is enabled. This plugin is enabled on default, but it's always better to double-check.

Enable Nicereply integration in LiveAgent

  1. When in LiveAgent, navigate to System -> Integrations
  2. Then enable the Nicereply integration

The Nicereply(legacy) integration serves a different purpose. Do not enable this legacy integration unless you are specifically looking for the functionality it offers.

Generate a Nicereply API key

  1. In your Nicereply account, go to Account -> API
  2. Click Regenerate API keys to create a new API key
  3. Now copy this API key somewhere, as you'll use it a bit later

Connect LiveAgent with Nicereply

  1. Now head back to your LiveAgent account
  2. Click Configuration -> Integrations -> Nicereply
  3. Click on the Change button in the Private API key section
  4. Here paste your copied API key from your Nicereply account

Set up a Nicereply survey for LiveAgent

  1. In your Nicereply plugin configuration in LiveAgent you should now be able to see a new section Survey
  2. Click the Change button
  3. Now pick the survey you'd like to use for the LiveAgent rating data

You've integrated Nicereply with LiveAgent!

Once you have successfully configured the Nicereply survey, the integration with LiveAgent helpdesk software is complete. As a result, all customer ratings from LiveAgent tickets will be displayed in the Nicereply account rating feed, along with any associated comments from customers.