Zendesk integration - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article will answer the most frequently asked questions about our Zendesk integration. If you have a question about the integration and you won't find the answer in this article feel free to reach out to us at contact@nicereply.com 

1. Can I distribute Nicereply surveys directly in my Zendesk signature?

Yes, you can embed the survey directly in your existing Zendesk triggers. You can include a Nicereply satisfaction survey in your response after closing a ticket, sending a summary, or even in every email response you send out.

2. Can I use Nicereply surveys in Zendesk macros?

Yes, you can place a satisfaction survey in your macro template and see which responses work and which don’t. You can also put different surveys into different Zendesk macros. The setup process for inserting a survey into your macro is the same as for inserting a survey into your email template (trigger) in Zendesk. 

3. Is it possible to send a survey only when I close a Zendesk ticket?

Yes, You can send your customers a post-resolution survey in a separate email. You can create multiple different surveys and trigger them based on tags. This way you can send different surveys for different agents, departments, customer groups, languages, and ticket types. 

4. Can I use different surveys for different customers, company departments, or agents?

Yes, you can create multiple different surveys. You can send different surveys for different agents, departments, customer groups, languages, and ticket types. 

5. Is it possible to use different survey scales?

Yes, you can choose between CSAT smiley faces, thumbs, or stars. You can also use Customer Effort Score or Net Promoter Score.

6. Can I edit how long after the ticket resolution will the survey be sent to the customer? 

Yes, you can decide how long after resolution would you like to send the survey. You can survey immediately, after an hour, or the day after. It's totally up to you.

7. Is it possible to edit how many surveys can a specific customer receive in a week?

Yes, Nicereply allows you to protect your customers against over surveying. It's possible to choose after how many days can a customer receive another survey email.

8. Can I see the received feedback in Zendesk?

Yes. Unlike other solutions, Nicereply doesn’t create a new ticket every time a customer gives you feedback. Instead, you can see it in the rated tickets as a note and a tag.

9. Can I use Nicereply surveys in Zendesk Chat?

Yes, you can send Nicereply surveys every time you resolve a chat in Zendesk. You can find the integration manual here https://support.nicereply.com/article/64-csat-ces-nps-trigger-distribution-in-zendesk-chat

10. Does Nicereply work with Zendesk Talk?

Yes, to learn more reach out to our team at contact@nicereply.com 

11. Does Nicereply work with Zendesk Guide?

Yes, to learn more reach out to our team at contact@nicereply.com 

12. Do I need Zendesk Enterprise or a Professional plan to use Nicereply?

No, you can use Nicereply surveys with every Zendesk plan. You don't need a Professional or Enterprise plan to use Nicereply.

13. Is it possible to manage or delete received/SPAM responses?

Yes, sometimes you get bad feedback by mistake. Sometimes you get hit by spambots. Nicereply allows you to edit and delete ratings to solve these problems.

14. Can I send Zendesk emails based on survey results?

Yes, you can. Setting automation rules based on the feedback you receive makes it easy to follow up with satisfied or dissatisfied customers this way. You can set automation directly in your Zendesk account based on Nicereply feedback. 

15. Is it possible to change the color of the survey?

Yes, you can change the color scheme of your Nicereply surveys to match your brand.

16. My integration doesn't work. The system shows me an error "Invalid credentials". 

Sometimes users insert an incorrect email. You need to insert your Zendesk account owner email. This short video will explain who is the owner of your Zendesk account "Who is the owner of my account?".

17. My in-signature survey (email template survey) doesn't show any text inside the body. What happened? How can I fix it?

Make sure you haven't deleted {{ticket.comments_formatted}} placeholder. This placeholder is responsible for showing up the text in your message/email. You might deleted the placeholder by mistake when you were copying the survey code into your signature. Read the full article here.

18. I'm not sure If my trigger surveys are sent correctly.

Having issues with your trigger survey? Read our article with FAQs related to trigger settings and trigger conditions for all integrations.