How to use surveys in Zendesk Guide

How it works

Nicereply allows you to use CSAT or CES survey and replace the built-in Zendesk satisfaction rating on your knowledge base. Nicereply provides you with the code snippet that you embed in your Guide theme.

Thanks to this, you can start measuring satisfaction with the content and gather written feedback and recommendations!

Moreover, you can follow up on feedback because we associate the rating with the specific article. The author receives real-time notifications every time a negative score is submitted.

Another neat feature is that clients can leave their contact info (optional) if they want you to reach out to them to assist them with their issues.

Main benefits

  • Measure CSAT or CES score and monitor the content quality.
  • Gather comments and recommendations from clients.
  • Monitor the satisfaction of the specific article thanks to the article backlink.
  • Authors can receive real-time notifications regarding captured feedback. 
  • Collect anonymous feedback or ask for the client's contact info to follow up on the issue.

What do our clients think of using CES surveys? 

As for CES on the KB, it's been very insightful. The insight we get from customers leaving feedback on the articles has allowed us to make meaningful changes to these articles and has helped drive a lot of the changes we are making in an upcoming help center refresh. 

How to set it up

STEP 1 CREATE A NEW IN-SIGNATURE SURVEY with Zendesk integration in Nicereply. 

Select the metric on your preferences. We recommend measuring CSAT or CES. 

1. Head to NEW SURVEY

2. Select a metric


4. Select existing ZENDESK integration. When you haven't connected Zendesk to Nicereply yet, follow these steps.

5. Import agents and click CONTINUE. 

6. Scroll down and click CONFIRM SETUP COMPLETION


1. Head to SURVEYS in the left navigation bar. 

2. Click EMAIL TEMPLATE and copy the code. We recommend you edit the code in the following program

3. Delete the first row of the code. 

4. Replace these variables {{}}/{{}} with the following variables for Zendesk Guide: {{}}/{{}} 

An example of an adjusted code snippet for Zendesk Guide:

<strong>This article made it easy for me to handle my issue.</strong><br>

<a href="{{}}/{{}}?s=1"><img alt="Strongly Disagree" src=""></a><a href="{{}}/{{}}?s=2"><img alt="Disagree" src=""></a><a href="{{}}/{{}}?s=3"><img alt="Somewhat Disagree" src=""></a><a href="{{}}/{{}}?s=4"><img alt="Undecided" src=""></a><a href="{{}}/{{}}?s=5"><img alt="Somewhat Agree" src=""></a><a href="{{}}/{{}}?s=6"><img alt="Agree" src=""></a><a href="{{}}/{{}}?s=7"><img alt="Strongly Agree" src=""></a><br>


1. Open Zendesk GUIDE and head to THEMES and select CUSTOMIZE live theme. 

2. Click EDIT CODE in the down-right corner. 

3. Select ARTICLE_PAGE and find {{article.body}}. Paste the code snippet under the {{article.body}}. Click PUBLISH.


In Nicereply, go to SURVEYS and select SETTINGS on your Zendesk Guide survey.

Go back to Zendesk and copy your company's Zendesk Guide URL.

Add the URL to the TICKET LINK FIELD. In the end, add <TICKET_ID>

The final link should look as follows:

TIP: Don't forget to import authors to Nicereply to associate ratings with them. Read more about importing users from integration.  

NOTE: For setting up multilingual surveys or adjusting the survey for usage on mobile, please, contact our support at