Getting started with Nicereply

Follow these simple steps and you’ll get your Nicereply account up and running in no time. If you'd like to get a full tour of Nicereply and all its features you can schedule a call with our support team. Our representative will personally walk you through the Nicereply app and all its features.

  1. Choose the customer satisfaction metric
  2. Decide how you want to distribute your surveys
  3. Integrate Nicereply with customer service software
  4. Survey customization
  5. User management
  6. Reporting

STEP 1: Choose the customer satisfaction metric

First, you need to decide which satisfaction metric you'd like to use. You can use Nicereply to track CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), NPS (Net Promoter Score), and CES (Customer Effort Score).

1. CSAT – Get a better idea of what works to keep your customers satisfied. Use CSAT to gauge the performance of individuals and teams as well. 

If you choose a CSAT survey, you can also choose the type of rating scale. See the examples below:

2. CES -  Measure the effort your customers have to exert when dealing with you. Use CES to find and remove friction points.

3. NPS – Find out who trusts in your brand and why. Use this knowledge to enhance your support. Nicereply is officially licensed NPS vendor by BAIN & COMPANY, the inventors of NPS. 

STEP 2: Choose how do you want to distribute your surveys to customers

Once you choose a customer satisfaction metric you need to decide how to distribute the survey to your customers. Each distribution method has specific features and benefits. You can add more distributions at any time.

Email template

Ask customers for feedback at the bottom of every email. Act quickly to turn a conversation around, when it starts to derail. You can place an HTML survey code to your signature or any custom email template.


Survey your customers automatically after you close a ticket, conversation, call, chat, or deal. Set the delay when triggering surveys.

Have issues with your trigger survey? Read our article with FAQs related to trigger settings and trigger conditions for all integrations.

STEP 3: Choose the customer service software to integrate with Nicereply

In the next step, you can choose the customer service software from our integrations list to integrate your Nicereply account. Once you decide which service you're planning to use simply follow the integration steps for that specific software. 

All you need to do is insert your software credentials, and then insert the survey code to your email template or activate the trigger. After that, you'll be ready to start collecting feedback.  You can find all the integration manuals HERE. If you don't want to integrate Nicereply with any software, or simply did not find your preferred one-click Skip integration at the bottom of the page (skipping an integration is only possible for email template if you want to use trigger you need to integrate Nicereply with third-party software).

STEP 4: Survey customization

In Nicereply you can customize your CSAT/CES/NPS surveys according to your branding and needs. This way you can ask your customers the right question at the right time. Simply go to surveys > Surveys list > and then click on the appearance of the survey you want to customize

Here you can edit the Rating page, Thank you page, and also the visual theme of the survey. You can add extra questions, upload the company logo, edit the title, change the rating style, or switch to a color different scales. You can also choose from different pre-made themes, or create your own. 

If you click on "Visual theme", you can choose predefined color themes or create new custom colors. Don't forget to save your changes on the right

With Nicereply you can also customize the language of your rating survey. You can find the information about this process  here. You can also customize your surveys with our API.

STEP 5: User management

When setting up your Nicereply integration you can sync all your users from your customer service software with one click. New users will get an automated email with login instructions. You can manage your users under the staff tab. Here you can add new users, add new user teams, archive users, or import users from your customer service software, or via CSV file. 

STEP 6: Reporting

With Nicereply you can analyze your ratings in a comprehensive Response feed that provides a view of all your customer feedback in one place. Simply go to your Nicereply account, and click on the Response Feed. Here you can for example see your total number of ratings,  specific ratings with agent name or issue number, customer name, comment rating detail, and a direct link to the rated ticket or a conversation. To see trends in your performance go to the Analytics tab.  

After clicking on an arrow next to the rating's time, you'll get to see more details such as Date, IP address, Distribution, Response ID, Location, Customer email and Ticket ID.