How to set up a Pipedrive Automation

To simplify how you gather the feedback from your deals based on whether the deals was won or lost, you can connect Pipedrive with Nicereply to send out surveys.

Everytime you tag your deal as WON or LOST, the Pipedrive will send your CSAT/CES/NPS survey.

But first thing first.

We recommend you to set up an automatisation, so when the deal is WON or LOST, the Pipedrive will automatically gives that deal a "deal label".

To set up the automatisation follow these steps:

  1. Go to Pipedrive - Automations

  1. Click on "Automations" and then "+ Automation".

  1. Then click on "Add trigger" and that will take you to your new trigger setting.

  1. On the right side, click on "Deal" and then "Deal updated" and then on "Apply trigger"

  1. Change the Instant condition to:

    - 1. Deal status

    - 2. is

    - 3. won

  1. Click on the "+" and then on the right to "Action" on the right.

  1. Proceed to "Deal" and "Update the deal fields" and click on the "Next".

  1. Choose fields "Deal" and "Label"

  1. Choose "Deal" in Deal field and for example "NPS" in label. Feel free to change the label to whatever you need. Apply the action.

  1. Don't forget to save, and choose by who it will be triggered in the upper right corner.

Once you're done with the automatisation, go to your Nicereply account, choose the trigger you want to send out to either your WON or LOST deals, and navigate to its settings.

Once you're there, you will click the option "filter by a tag", and add a deal label in Nicereply.

We hope it helped!